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a cooking experiment: five recipes, five days, one ingredient
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  1. cosinheiromaluco answered: a boa sera salada de pepinos
  2. jo00oj answered: fava! with zucchini and cherries??? :)
  3. cyanesence answered: zuchini!
  4. buggirl76 answered: Zucchini.
  5. uglysusan answered: Oh, please, do them all… I just love what you do!
  6. allengrovevintage answered: Artichokes, spinach or sweet onions?
  7. fromessex said: I don’t know if you have it in the US, but marsh samphire has just come into season in the UK. Definitely something different!
  8. larondinenotte answered: Cherries or Zucchini!
  9. livingindresden answered: cucumbers or zucchini, please
  10. lasereraser answered: ZUKE!
  11. jinkiesitssara answered: cucumbers or avocados!
  12. bwelp said: Cucumber!
  13. liarandthewhore answered: cherries or zucchini
  14. cinnamonkite answered: cucumber or zucchini :)
  15. opinionatedeater answered: Fava beans, please.
  16. giraffe-and-octopus said: Cherries!!!
  17. bearculture said: A recipe with fava beans would be very welcome! Either in the pod or out. Mashed, with a chicory, etc. Looking forward to your suggestions. Many thanks.
  18. suheeyou answered: cucumbers for the summer!!! :)
  19. devinofthestars answered: cherries
  20. ectog6 answered: potatoes!
  21. grishma answered: zucchini!
  22. adventurecalls answered: CHERRIES!! Please! :)
  23. jayronningaway said: Zucchini!!! Please.
  24. seriouslyhavingfun answered: Cherries please! Maybe something savory for a change from all the pie/tart/sweets.
  25. letsremainanon answered: Zucchini!
  26. yiannimal answered: zucchini or cucumber sounds good! maybe peaches later?
  27. maven-yyc answered: cherries!!
  28. greensparkle13 answered: cherries!!
  29. mosaicomio answered: zucchini of course!
  30. augustaleigh answered: ZUCCHINI CASSEROLE WITH CHEESE?
  31. squiggleline answered: cucumbers please
  32. foreveryourgirl said: Cherries!
  33. littlecondo answered: zucchini!
  34. stoneagedudeman answered: Cucumbers and Cherries :D
  35. kingmanphoto said: Cherries
  36. parliamentrook answered: cherries or cucumbers!
  37. peasantwitch said: No love for the fava beans, eh? Well, I’ll vote for cucumbers. Sorry, fava beans. I’d blame Hannibal….