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Strawberries 101

Fresh, ripe, local strawberries are so indulgent they don’t even seem like they could be real. I think strawberries are one of those fruits that are just not worth eating out of season. The flavor, the juiciness, the scent just don’t compare. For that reason, I’m perfectly content with frozen strawberries until they start showing up in the market each spring. 

They may be a bit on the pricey side, but they’re worth it, and so much more pungent than the pale, gigantic berries you’ll find in the supermarket. 

Buying: Look for strawberries that are vibrant in color and have a strong aroma. Avoid any that are bruised, and look through your berries to make sure none are beginning to mold. Remove any offenders and your strawberries will last much longer. 

Plant ovaries: Yep, plants have ovaries, and that’s what we think of as fruit. But the fleshy parts of the strawberry is technically not the fruit — the tiny seeds that dot the skin of a strawberry are actually fruit (ovaries), each of which contains a seed. 

Mythology: I love how food plays such a strong role in mythology across cultures. In Greek myth, strawberries originated as heart-shaped tears from Aphrodite, who wept at the death of her lover, Adonis. They’re also associated with Freya, the Norse goddess of love and fertility, and the Seneca tribe sees them as a symbol of spring, rebirth, and good health. 

Strawberries, here we come! 

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