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Asparagus 101

…and it’s asparagus week! It may STILL feel like winter for many of you (and me), but asparagus has been popping up at the greenmarket so I think it’s allowed. Even if winter storm Zeus is bearing down on us, let us eat asparagus. 

I remember the first time I saw actual asparagus popping out of the ground in my front yard in Oregon. I don’t think until that point I’d really considered how asparagus grew…I suppose it made sense that they would look like little trees coming straight from the earth, but it was a revelation. 

Preparation: The very bottom ends of asparagus should be snapped off before cooking (they will break just where the stem turns woody). They don’t store terribly well, so cook them as soon after buying as possible. 

Cooking: My early childhood hatred of asparagus could be attributed directly to its being overcooked. Whatever you do, DO NOT overcook your asparagus. Go for just-tender, whether you’re sautéing, boiling, steaming, or roasting. Remove the asparagus from the heat a bit sooner than you think you need to, as the residual heat can take it from perfect to overdone very easily. 

Unmentionables: As anyone who has eaten asparagus can attest, it definitely, 100% makes your pee smell. Sorry asparagus lovers, just keep some air freshener in the bathroom and you’ll be OK. 

And for those of you keeping track…I should have a couple of video experiments ready for the end of the week! 

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