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Pea Shoots & Pea Greens 101


As someone who utterly disdained all pea-related foods growing up, it’s a miracle I even tried pea shoots. But with an appearance a bit like watercress, and tender, bright green leaves, I was convinced they’d be delicious. And they are!

At the farmer’s market in Union Square, I frequently covet the tent full of microgreens, but rarely indulge since they are definitely on the pricey side. But pea greens and pea shoots are one of the first very springy produce items available, and they’re a sweet, slightly crunchy addition to most anything. Totally worth it. 

Storage: Pea greens / shoots go bad very quickly, so expect to store them in a bag with a paper towel in the fridge for just 1 - 2 days.

Nutrition: Thanks to (yes, that is a website that exists), I learned that pea shoots have 7 times the vitamin C of blueberries, and 4 times more vitamin A than tomatoes! There’s a lot of good stuff packed in these little tendrils. 

Spring is finally springing, get excited!

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