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Carrots 101

OK. Enough is enough. I can’t with this weather anymore, but I also can’t just buy frozen corn and pretend it’s August. So…carrot week! Also, it’s almost Easter so get your bunny teeth ready. 

I think carrots get a bad rap because we all still have this cultural memory of mushy boiled carrots. Don’t worry — no boiled carrots to be had this week! 

Mirepoix: Mirepoix is one of the building blocks of French cuisine. It’s the combination of celery, onion, and carrot, and forms the base of flavor under many savory dishes, sauces, stocks, you name it. Carrots add an essential sweetness and earthiness to the mixture. 

Carrot Tops: To eat or not to eat? It’s rare that you’ll find carrot tops attached at the grocery store, but when you buy them from the farmer’s market, you will. They are edible and I think they lend a similar flavor to dishes as parsley. So I wouldn’t eat a salad exclusively of carrot tops, but they’re good chopped up and included with other greens, sautéed and added to frittatas or quiches, or used as an herbaceous garnish. 

Colors: Not all carrots are orange! I love to look for purple, white, or yellow carrots at the farmer’s market in spring. In the doldrums of winter though, the orange ones will do. 

Two of my favorite flavor combos with carrots are cumin and ginger — their sweetness means they take well to spicy things. And with snow falling outside, on to carrot week!

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